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My name is Cathee Arthur and my rabbitry, Sugarhill Hollands is located in Medina, Ohio in a quaint neighborhood off Route 18, upon Sugarhill.

I am an open class breeder recognized with the international parent club (American Rabbit Breeders Association), the national breed club (Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club), the state club (Ohio State Rabbit Breeders Association), and local club (Medina County Rabbit Breeders Association).

ARBA Registerd Rabbitry #D1033


This has become a passionate hobby of mine I do all on my own and take great pride in this responsibility. I have a small rabbitry and focus on meeting the American Rabbit Breeders Association's 'Standard of Perfection' for Holland Lops & developing great personalities within them.

I raise Holland Lop rabbits for showing and just because I've fallen in love with the breed. I keep my rabbitry a personal matter, as I raise all my rabbits with tons of TLC. My goal is to produce quality that will be competitive against the other phenomenal open class breeders, and assist in mentoring youth members.

My primary lines are LOVs, Washburn & Raffay based. I mainly work with torts in broken and solid varieties, but have a small program for chocolates that I am striving to bring quality to this gorgeous color. Sometimes other colors will turn up, but they are not actively pursued in my herd.

I am more than happy to share any information with you so if you have questions rabbit related, please do ask!

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